Number 52 - 2010.

By the way, before I forget, did I ever mention that mine must be the only Jewish family in the world where all 3 of us, my brother, sister and me have Chinese children?

Anyway, my sister lives in Bali. “It certainly beats Bushey.” I tell people.

Three weeks ago I flew out for a holiday.

The first afternoon at the beach bar, I was rugby tackled to the ground by a huge Aussie Rugby star called Ryan Cross.

‘How was I to know it was his wife I was dancing with on top of the bar ?’

I should never have asked what he was drinking.

Ten tequila slammers is quite a lot, even if you are a giant, I thought, as I staggered to my feet.

Unfortunately, he spotted me again later, and picking me up under his arm ..walked off with me and threw me into the swimming pool.

My Blackberry was in my hand. It drowned.

I decided not to ask him to reimburse me.

That evening at dinner at the Karma Kandara resort, I got up from the table, and fell flat on my back into a twelve inch deep water feature; ( created by the Death Trap Design Company?) that looked like the floor, and was an inch away from my chair; my head narrowly missing a stone pillar, I only just avoided falling ten feet from the




Peter Rosengard

January 24, 2010.