Wise Mover

The Daily Telegraph 28/2/1998

Kate Moss, the superest model of them all, has hinted to close friends that she is to stop prancing up and down the catwalk. Given that she has earned the equivalent of the GNP of a small country during her time in frocks, she would be wise to keep her financial affairs in order. I am pleased to report that she is doing just that.

Recently, Moss was seen at a surprisingly celebrity-soaked party hosted by world-record-breaking life insurance salesman Peter Rosengard. The flamboyant Rosengard features in the Guinness Book of Records for selling the largest ever life insurance policy – to entertainment supremo David Geffen, for $100 million.

In a refreshing change for the cold-calling king, someone was pestering him. “Kate asked me questions all night about a life insurance policy for herself,” a fizzy Rosengard tells me. “Then, as we left the party, my chauffeur had accidentally left the handbrake off my car and it started rolling quickly towards myself, Kate and Stella (McCartney). It just missed us.” How appropriate.